What To Eat To Lose Weight Fast

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Finding foods to help you lose weight fast:
What you eat is crucial for helping you lose weight. Some foods are simply better than others at helping you lose weight fast. Many people think that as long as you exercise regularly you can eat whatever you want and lose weight. Although there is a strong connection between exercise and weight loss, accompanying your workouts with the right diet is just as important.

Go to Brazil for example, and you’ll see lean people with ripped abs everywhere. This is because sports and exercise such as Capoeira and Beach football are a way of life. Add this to the fact that in Brazil processed foods, canned foods, fast food, and drinks with refined sugar (except sugarcane juice:) are not as available as in other countries. Their diet usually consists of vegetables, natural fish, meat, beans and rice. However, in more developed countries such as the USA, people are more busy with work which makes “instant” foods much more popular, leading to an enourmous selection of sugary, high fat, low quality foods- a sure way to gain weight! Just take a look at your local supermarket, and you’ll see an endless selection of bad foods that will help you gain weight. With that said, knowing what to eat is very important to lose weight fast and safely.

Online Guides Explaining What to Eat To Lose Weight Fast
There are a variety of online guides that can help you regarding what to eat to lose weight fast. The most popular one I know is called The Diet Solution Program and it seems to be working great for a co-worker of mine who’s lost around 30 lbs since starting the diet 2 months ago. The great thing about it is that it enables you to lose weight efficiently and consistently- in other words it offers a relatively easy, long term solution.

What to eat to lose weight
Here are some foods you should eat to lose weight:


Vegetables are good for your health, your heart and your fat burning journey. In addition, Veggies are a great food to eat to lose weight fast because they’re very low in calories and carbs (100 grams of lettuce contains only 13 calories and 1.7 carbs, 100 grams of carrot contains 30 calories and 6 carbs) and they can still help you feel full. Furthermore, eating vegetables will boost your metabolism and help you burn fat even faster. Don’t think vegetables are tasteless, with the right recipes, you can get a nice dish of green food.

Water of course doesn’t qualify as food, but drinking lots of water will surely help you lose weight fast. Not only does drinking water help boost your metabolism, but it will also help get rid of toxins in your body helping it work more efficiently. A nice bonus is that its great for your skin. Water in fact, is the best cleanser in the world and available free of charge.

Fighting hunger is one of the most important challenges while trying to lose weight. Failing to do so results in more food consumption and eventual weight gain. Nuts are a nice solution to keep you away from feeling hungry. They’re also great for building muscle. Side note: Try to avoid high fat nuts such as cashews or macadamia nuts.

Unsweetened, unflavored oatmeal
Oatmeal is my personal favorite as it’s really easy to prepare. Try to stick to natural oatmeal and stay away from the sweetened, “instant” kinds. As a matter of fact, sweetened oatmeal contains a lot of refined sugar, which you will find as a food to avoid in the section below.

Dairy foods
Drinking low fat milk can help a lot if you’re looking for efficient weight loss. Milk contains valuable vitamins and minerals (especial calcium) and even protein which is good for building muscle. Research shows that drinking milk right after a workout can be especially effective. Dairy foods not only help you burn fat but also have the ability to lower blood pressure and chances of getting cancer.

What NOT to eat to lose weight

You have known the list of things to eat in order to lose weight. However, know such is not enough. You will need to know which foods you need to avoid too.

Trans and Saturated Fats
Generally, foods that contain large doses of trans-fat and saturated fats should be avoided. Trans-fats can be found in margarine and fried foods. If you go shopping in the supermarket and see foods that have hydrogenated oil as ingredient, you will need to avoid too. Saturated fats can be found in fatty cuts of red meat or butter and other whole-milk dairy products.

Refined Sugars
One of the most harmful foods we can consume is refined sugars. Unfortunately you can find it everywhere: in your favourite cookies, in cold glass of juice and in coke. Refined sugar is one of the main constructors of your body fat. So, go with if you want to gain weight, otherwise, say goodbye to it.

There are obviously many more things you can eat to lose weight, but the ones above about what to eat to lose weight fast should provide you with a good start. Always remember- the proper diet, together with exercising regularly are a sure way to lose weight fast.

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