What Exercises Burn Belly Fat Fast?

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For people who are trying to get a six pack, finding the exercise that burn belly fat can be vital. Many of you might think exercises such as abs crunches, hanging legs raise can burn belly fat faster and better than other exercises. However, the fact is quite different from that.

To discover what are the best exercises that can burn belly fat, you will need to know how fat in your body is burned. Generally, fat is a type of reserved energy and fat will be burned when reversed energy is used. With that said, you will lose fat once the energy you use larger than the amount of energy you take. In addition, belly fat is a part of body fat so you cannot burn belly fat alone. If you want to burn stomach fat, you will need to burn total body fat.

So now you know, burning belly fat doesn’t depend on the type of exercises you do. Instead, it depends on the amount of calories you burn during the course of exercising. For example, people burn 300 calories per one hour of cycling at 10km/h and 600 calories per one hour of swimming so 2 hours of cycling will bring the same effect on burning as one hour of swimming.

It sounds hard to believe, right? You might ask what’s the purpose of abs exercises like abs crunches, sit ups… Well, the purpose of the belly exercises is not to burn fat but to firm the stomach muscles. As you may notice, the more you exercises the belly workouts, the harder the belly will be. However, if you don’t have good exercises to burn total body fat, you will not see the abs on your stomach.

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