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Weight Loss Motivation Techniques- Secret Tips For Losing Weight Without Fail
Weight loss motivation tips are often the first thing dieticians will teach you, because finding the right motivation is the first step to losing weight. There are indeed many good reasons for losing weight- foremost health and feeling good with the way you look, but finding the right diet or the proper workout is’t always so easy… But it doesn’t have to be so hard either, for there are some weight loss motivation techniques (“hacks” if you will) that can make a big difference without requiring too much from you. These simple weight loss motivation tips are designed to do just that.

Top Weight Loss Motivation Tips:
Weight Loss Motivation Tip #1: Photo your food regularly before eating
Simply keeping track of what you eat automatically increases your awareness towards your food and forces you to constantly examine your diet and eat more responsibly. This is why keeping a food journal has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to stay on track eating healthily. But for many of us, its unrealistic to expect to write down every thing we put in our mouths- which is what makes cellphone cameras such a perfect solution. Take snapshots of all your meals and snacks before consuming them, and not only will you suddenly be aware of the calories you’re consuming, but it might also make you think twice before reaching for that second Snickers…

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #2: Photo yourself regularly to see progress

This advice may be difficult to apply for some, because if you are overweight or obese, you might not want to see a photo intended to emphasize those extra pounds. But remember- these photos are intended for you and you only. You don’t have to show them to anyone you don’t want to. Just think of those “before and after” commercials we all know from weight loss commercials. That first picture you’ll take will always be the “before” picture, so now all you have to do is make the “after” better! Take pictures of yourself on a regular basis (weekly or monthly…) and keep track of dates and the progress you’ve made. There is no better motivation for weight loss than seeing that your hard work has paid off!

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #3: Empty your wardrobe from loose clothes
Once you begin to shed your excess weight, you’ll most likely need/want to buy new clothes (especially if you lose a lot of weight). Have fun with this! Try and try again all the loose sweat pants or shirts you have in your wardrobe. This is another great way of keeping track of your progress, which can also significantly increase your weight loss motivation. After trying these clothes on, empty the cabinet of them and give them away! Keeping them there makes it just too easy break or abandon your weight loss program. This way, weight gain results in a financial penalty forcing you to try harder. There is one exception I recommend- Keep one (and only one) baggy pair of pants, and bring out the from time to time to remind yourself of your progress. These pants will also perform well on future photos you take when you reach your ideal weight (see photo above)!

Weight loss Motivation Tip #4: Get involved in weight loss communities online
There are communities that assemble popular online people wishing to lose weight. These communities can really be used to keep the motivation to lose weight. Get involved. Go to other users online to better learn from their experiences in weight loss. Weave your network. Find time for you build a network of virtual friends who have the same weight loss goals as you. If you receive support from people who have the same goals as you, it’s definitely a very good way to maintain motivation to lose weight and focus your efforts on weight loss.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #5: Find a partner to exercise with
Finding a partner to accompany you during training sessions is strongly recommended to keep weight loss motivation. Having a partner increases your feeling of responsibility and will make your work out a lot more enjoyable. When you’re down (and that happens to us all) your partner will be there to cheer you up and when he/she’s down you can do the same!

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #6: Change your exercise program
Following the same training program day, after day, after day, can become extremely boring, which might cause a drop in weight loss motivation. The best exercise programs are those who regularly change the exercises you do from one day to another or from one week to another. Not only will brushing up your training schedule prevent your exercise from becoming tedious and monotonous, but it will also give you a chance to see what worked best for your body (monotonous exercise has been proved to hinder muscle growth).

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