The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

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“The Truth About Abs” Reviewed
People looking for the best course about how to get six pack abs might run into “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” by Mike Geary. Back in 2007, when the course first came out there was a huge buzz about it, so I started reading reviews and asking around in forums. Some people mentioned you could get totally ripped within a week of following the program. Back then, I didn’t have much knowledge about body training so I got the course with the silly hope of waking up after a week with the same toned abs the guy on the cover. Needless to say that didn’t happen:)

The truth about six pack abs review
You might laugh at me now because of that silly thought, but I know that even today many hope to get rid all the belly fat and get toned abs in just a week. If that’s your expectation, the Truth About Abs is not for you. It’s not a magic remedy that can help you get six pack in no time. To be honest, there is nothing new or ground breaking in the “Truth About Abs”. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably be able to find most of the info on the Internet for free.

What it is however, is a no BS system that can save you lots of time and unnecessary exercises for getting six pack abs. The great thing about this program is its efficiency and simplicity- showing some simple steps about what to eat and how to exercise, this program will show you exactly what to do, and what to avoid, to get six pack abs as quickly as you possibly can.

The Course is Divided into 2 Parts:
1) The first part is about workouts, where you will have a lot of information about exercises- which ones work and which don’t. You’ll find step-by-step images describing how to do the exercises properly. The Truth About Abs offers a routine, which will tell you what to do each and every day. You don’t know how important it is to have a routine when getting six pack. Without knowing what to exercises first and next, it is very easy for you to give up very early.

2) The second part is about diets. Mike Geary will tell you which foods you should eat and which you should avoid in order to burn fat fast. True, you can find lots of information about fat burning foods by searching the internet, but the most interesting thing in this part (and also in the whole book) is its diet recipes. You have no idea how excited I was when I lost 23 pounds after 3 weeks, following Mike’s diet recipes. If you think I was starving, you are wrong. The recipes in Truth About Abs are different from what you get in Atkins’ diet. They are tasty and provide enough energy for you to function well through the day.

So, to summarize:

You should get Truth About Abs if:
You don’t know which exercises to do, and you don’t have a clear step-by-step plan for getting a six pack within 8 weeks.
You don’t know which foods to eat and which to avoid. In addition, you still don’t know how to make tasty meals which will provide you with enough energy to function well through the day, while still burning fat efficiently (as I mentioned I lost 23 pounds in the first 3 weeks). Even if you think you know exactly whats good for you and what isn’t The Truth About Abs clarifies some myths about healthy eating.
You are willing to spend decent amount of time to see the result. It depends heavily on your starting point but following the course, I went from 90kg to 65kg in 2 months.
You should not get Truth About Abs if:
You have all the information you need to get a six pack, including the perfect workout routine and diet plan (meaning you only need the motivation and consistency to follow what you already have, no course can help you in this case, don’t waste time looking for it).
You want to get the result as fast as in one week. It is recommended for you to look elsewhere simply you will not find the solution in this course.
I hope by now you understand what The Truth About Abs is about. I highly recommend it to you but I cannot guarantee you will get six pack abs. It depends totally on you. Even with the best course, and even with the best coach, if you aren’t ready to commit, you won’t see results. Even so, this is the best program out there, and its been used by over 250,000 people (!). In my opinion its definitely worth the price tag, so click the link below if you’re interested:

I Want To Get a Six Pack Fast

I recommend getting the $4.95 trial first. If you see positive result within 21 days, go for it. If you don’t see any good thing happen, just forget about it and start your search for the magic pills:)

Hope you liked the truth about six pack abs review above, If you’ve tried the Program and would like to tell about your personal experience with it, feel free to leave your comments below!

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