The Benefits Of Flax Seeds On Weight Loss And Health

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A little bigger than sesame, many people don’t think flaxseed can be helpful when it comes to lose weight as well as improve health quality. However, don’t judge the usefulness of a type of food by its size. Flax seeds can bring you a lot of benefits that you have never imagined.

Taste sweet and somewhat nutty, the small seeds contain around forty percent of oil, which formed mainly by alpha linolenic acid (ALA). If you have read about this acid before (well, many people haven’t), you will know that alpha linolenic acid is the very important fatty acid that required for a normal, healthy metabolism. Besides containing a high level of ALA, in flax seeds, you can find high level of lignans, which can fight cancer and virus effectively. Lignans are also known as an effective substance to stabilize hormone level.

When flax seeds contact with liquid, we will have a soft compound which is a very good cleanser. In flax seeds, you will find a remarkable amount of fiber, which reduce the amount of carbs absorbed by the bodies. These soluble fiber will also help stabilize blood sugar, reduce bad cholesterol absorption which lead to reduce level of cholesterol in blood.
Now you know flax seeds are good but do you know the right amount you should take per day to maximize the benefits? Many nutritionists recommend that a normal person should take around 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds oil per day.

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