The Benefit Of Beef To Weight Loss And Getting Six Pack

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Not very long ago, people still think beef is not a good thing to eat when you want to lose weight and build muscles. I still remember my personal trainer back then said that if I want to get my six pack abs, I should not eat any slice of beef. However, recent discovery alter everything. We now know that beef, instead of make you fat and your muscle flaccid, it’s the best food for the purpose. When talking about beef, I’m not talking about the hamburger but rather the fresh piece of steak or fillet. Not only it can help you build muscles fast, beef has a lot more benefits that you might want to know.

In beef, there are precious nutrition as listed below:

Vitamin B12
B-complex vitamins
Monounsaturated fat (stabilize cholesterol level)
The high level of vitamin B12 in beef helps the body transform harmful chemical into harmless molecules. As a result, the risk of heart attack is decreased. Not only heart attack risk is reduced and prevented, the selenium mineral in beef also helps prevent colon cancer and supports antioxidant activity in the liver and throughout the body. High level of zinc also protect the blood vessel from being damaged.

As you can see, eating beef is not only help you build muscles fast and efficient but it also brings a lot of health benefits. However, what is the right amount of beef you should eat? It’s recommended that a person eat up to 4 ounces of beef per week.
Some tips you might want to know about beef:
Good beef is in cherry-red color. When you touch it, you should feel the firmness, not flaccid
Always go for the beef with less fat. You can easily recognize the fat of beef by looking at the white color. If you see the fat is yellow, the beef is not good for buying.
If you don’t use the beef immediately, it’s a good thing to freeze it, don’t put beef in the room temperature.

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