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Health Benefits of Lemon
Most people will tell you that the biggest benefit of lemons is ice cold lemonade on a hot summers day. But besides the ability to kill our thirst, lemon and lemon juice provide many health benefits as well. If you’re trying to lose weight and build that perfect body, you shouldn’t skip lemon as a part of your daily diet.

The benefits of lemon
With high level of vitamin C, the main water soluble antioxidant in your body, lemons have the ability to keep our cells from rapid aging. That’s why drink lemon juice and eat lemon in other forms will help you retain the youth longer. Research shows that lemon juice is one of the healthiest, most natural cleansers available. It helps reduce cellulite by cleansing lymphatic system and making skin smoother by stimulating blood flow to capillaries under the skin.

Lemon also flushes excessive fat. Unlike water, lemon juice can liquefy most of the fat in your body. By doing so, the excessive fat will be flushed out a lot easier in comparison to when you drink water only. Not only fat, consuming lemon will also help you get rid of the toxins in your cells.

Not only have the benefits for people who are trying to lose weight, everyone gains from drinking lemon juice. In a recent discovery, scientist found that the limonene substance in lemon has the ability in shrinking cancerous tumors. Not only that, lemon assist the digestive system by producing needed enzymes that promoting protein and mineral absorption. Taking lemon frequently will also help people prevent cells damages and curb the formulation of bad cholesterol.

While lemon and lemon juice are good, it’s not recommended for you to drink too much. Nutritionists recommend one lemon per day in any form you prefer. One lemon juice per day will help you build a better shape, lose weight faster and stronger against dangerous disease.

Caution when using lemon and lemon juice.

  • As a habit, we add sugar to lemon juice to have a nice cup of juice. However, adding sugar will lessen the benefits of lemon. Sugar lowers immunity, slow down digestion and prevents the body from absorbing vitamin and mineral. It’s best for you to drink lemon juice without the sugar but I know it could be hard to enjoy the juice that way. It’s best for you to add more water and reduce the amount of sugar you put in each glass of juice.
    After cutting the lemon, you should use the whole fruit. The quality of lemon will be reduced if you don’t use it immediately.

How to choose the best lemons?
Finding the best lemon to make great lemon juice is not hard. Look for a bright yellow color and choose the firmest one you can find:)

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