Is Olive Oil Good For You? Health Benefits of Olive Oil

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil
Is Olive Oil good for you? It’s well known today that the clear cut answer to this question is “yes”, But not everyone realizes just how much olive oil can benefit us. Olive presses date back over 5,000 years in the Eastern Mediterranean, where olive oil has been used by our ancestors as a fundamental part of their diet.

While olive oil health awareness is growing, new positive characteristics are still being discovered today.

Why Olive Oil Is Good For You- Some Health Benefits:
Heart Health- Research has shown beyond a doubt that our heart greatly benefits from the consumption of olive oil. Cardiologists recommend 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day. Olive oil helps lower our Cholesterol level, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Preventing Disease; Olive oil has also been proven to prevent disease such as:

Cancer- Rich in antioxidants, olive oil has been shown to reduce oxidative damage to RNA and DNA which may contribute to preventing cancer. A study on mice has shown that applying olive oil immediately following exposure to UV reduces the chances of formation of tumors and skin cancer.
Obesity- Despite being high in calories studies are finding more and more evidence that olive oil is great for our metabolism, enabling our body to actually burn calories and digest the food we eat olive oil good for you
Aging- Olive oil has an abundant amount of monounsaturated fat, which doesn’t oxidize in the body, and is low in polyunsaturated fat which does. This helps our cells protect themselves and slows down their regeneration rate.
Blood Pressure and Diabetes- By reducing our cholesterol level, olive oil has been proven to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
Arthritis- While a Scientific explanation has not yet been found, studies have shown that people who consume olive oil as a major part of their diet are less likely to develop arthritis.
Osteoporosis- Olive oil apparently helps our bodies absorb calcium better. This helps our bones stay strong and healthy and reduces risk of osteoporosis.
Health Benefits of Olive Oil
So is olive oil good for you? Despite being a type of “oil”, olive oil is good for you and provides many health benefits. Don’t worry about the fat and calories, and make sure to consume it as part of your healthy diet!

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