How Much Exercise to Lose Weight?

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How much exercise is really necessary to lose weight?
One frequently asked question asked by people who want to lose weight (usually want it fast) is how much exercise to lose weight. If you have the same concern, you might want to spend a couple minutes reading this post:

The mechanism of losing is quite simple. Let’s imagine your body is like a fuel tank (not literally of course!). When you eat, fuel flows in and when you exercise, fuel is burned and released. Losing weight is similar to reducing the fuel in the tank; you need to burn more fuel than the amount that flows in.

How much exercise to lose weight- a metaphor:
So, how much exercise you need to lose weight depends a lot on each person. If you eat a lot, you will need to exercises a lot too to burn the energy you take in through eating. It is necessary to know how much energy you take in per day on average so you can calculate the amount of energy you want to burn through exercise.

For example, if you consume around 1500 calories per day, you will need to burn up more than 1500 calories during the day. Its as simple as that.

If you worry about the difficulty in calculating calories, you will happy to know it’s very simple. You can use the form below to calculate the amount of calories different foods contain.

And use this form to calculate the amount of energy you burn through specific exercises.
Remember not to overdo it- you need calories for energy throughout the day, but make sure the calories you consume come from healthy foods and make sure to work out enough to burn a healthy proportion of those calories. Our body usually starts burning fat after about 30 minutes of aerobic training (such as jogging, walking…) so you want to try and do it for about an hour a day.

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Now that you know the formula to lose weight effectively, it’s time to take some action. Please remember that these stats (in the calculator) are not 100% accurate. So, if you want to lose weight fast, exercise a lot and play it safe regarding the calories you consume…

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