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Foods that help you lose weight are preferable for balanced diet to fight more effectively against the overweight. Here are foods that help you lose weight. But in order to lose weight you need to know how to lose weight with a perfect weight loss plan.

The food off-hunger
“Although, in absolute terms, there are fattening foods and weight loss,” warns Evelyn Flack, dietician of Milan, “Satisfaction certain foods better and longer hungry. And avoid unnecessary binge eating. “They are complex sugars.”Foods rich in starch, bread, pasta, rice and cereals, that the complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and provide energy more slowly over time. Therefore, unlike the simple sugars (sweets, candies, snacks, fruit), which are burned quickly by the body, those complexes prevent sudden rises and falls in blood glucose (ie the rate of glucose, the main source of energy for the ‘ organism), a phenomenon that rekindles again hunger and the desire to snack. ” Another trick anti-fat is the consumption of rice and pasta, from traditional to alternate versions: “Thanks to the fibers are filling more, it only takes a smaller portion and more in cooking and in the gut, reduce the absorption of fat from sauce. ”

An excellent alternative off-hungry are the vegetables. Ideally, lunch and dinner, is eaten as a main dish rather than as a side dish. Flack says Evelyn, “stretch the stomach lining, giving a rapid feeling of fullness with very few calories. But do not overdo it with the sauce” Also soups, vegetable soups and passed the same satiating effect.
The food clock-metabolism
The most valuable mineral line is iodine. “It is necessary for the formation of hormones produced by the thyroid, ‘says Dr. Flack. “These hormones control the speed and efficiency with which food is converted into energy, in addition to adjusting the physical and mental development.” In practice, iodine allows the body to “understand” if a nutrient is absorbed or eliminated, because superfluous. The best sources of iodine are fish, seafood, seaweed (available in natural food stores). In the market there is also the iodide salt, that is enriched with this mineral.

In addition to fish, all foods that contain proteins (meat, eggs, and dairy foods) help keep in line. Evelina Flack says: “Why, to digest, the body must make more effort than other foods. And so it burns calories. ” But do not overdo it: “The body cannot store protein, so the liver and kidneys are forced to overwork to dispose of them. In addition, the excess protein promotes the release of calcium from the bones and may increase the risk of osteoporosis. ”

The food anti-anxiety
Often, anxiety, stress, melancholy urge us to eat automatically, and so much more than necessary. Therefore, even foods that help you lose weight normally taboo for others. The Theo bromine in chocolate, for example, gives many people a feeling of well-being or even a mild euphoria. “It depends on individual sensitivity,” added Dr. Flack. “The same anti-anxiety can have a slice of pie, a glass of milk, a piece of cheese, foods that help you lose weight that affect blood levels of tryptophan, amino acid involved in the production of brain serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to relax.”

Also, indulge every now and then a tear is a strategic move: “Because if you want something that you too are deprived for a long time, we fall more easily” confirms Evelyn Flack. These foods that help you lose weight can help you regain or maintain good health

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