Fish Oil and Weight Loss

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The Connection Between Fish Oil and Weight Loss
For centuries, people have raved about the various benefits fish oil has to offer and the connection between Fish Oil and Weight Loss. For years parents forced their kids to down spoon-fulls of the fishy oil due to its numerous health benefits and ability to prevent disease. Today its much more simple, as there are numerous (and tasteless) fish oil pills that offer us the same benefits and spare us the disgusting taste! While there are still some debates around the benefits of fish oil, recent studies have proven that fish oil has the ability to help us lose weight faster and become healthier.

The most beneficial substance found in fish oil is the famous Omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 offers us several benefits, including speeding up weight loss. Recent studies show that the Omega 3 in fish oil helps stop the conversion of pre-fat cells into fat cells. With that said, you will have a lot of fat burned by omega 3 fatty acid without doing any exercise and diet.

How exactly does fish oil help us lose weight fast?
One more connection between fish oil and weight loss is its ability to keep hormonal balance and boost metabolism. When our metabolism is boosted, it takes our body less time to get rid of toxin. A recent study has shown that the Omega 3 fatty acid located in fish oil actually activates some of the enzymes in our body responsible for burning fat. Thus Fish Oil has the ability to turn us into a “well oiled machine”:)

Experiments meant to test the connection between fish oil and weight loss
One of the most famous experiments designed to test the connection between fish oil consumption and losing weight was performed by the University of South Australia. They divided the subjects into four separate groups with a simple difference in their diet plan- Each group was given a different amount of fish oil. Group 1 receive the largest amount, group 2 slightly less, group 3 even less while group four received none. Apart from that they were required to do the same amount of exercises. The result was quite astounding as it showed the positive effect fish oil has to losing weight. After three weeks, the first group, which consumed the largest amount of fish oil, lost an average of 2 kg, while the other groups showed slightly less positive results. Group 4 showed no change in their weight.

Fish Oil and Weight Loss Conclusion:
So its quite clear that there is a connection between fish oil and weight loss, and that it can help you lose weight fast, assuming you take the right dose. Please remember that while fish oil and omega 3 fatty acid are good, you cannot take them as much as you want. Its best to consult your doctor or nutritionist for optimal dose. Different people with different health status will need different dose of fish oil.

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