Best Exercises For A Smaller Belly – Six Pack Workouts That Work

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Having a flat belly is a common goal for both men and women. Not only you will be more healthy but you will also feel more confident about the clothes you wear when going out. Getting a leaner, flatter belly doesn’t require a special talent or extreme efforts, it simply requires the right exercises and some discipline…

Many enter the journey of getting rid of belly fat without knowing which exercises are most effective. I’ve met a lot of people, both men and women who have complained that although they do a lot of sit ups and hanging legs raises every day, their abs simply aren’t showing up. Of course- doing the wrong exercises won’t help, but even doing the right exercises won’t be enough if you don’t work on getting a smaller, flatter belly.

How a smaller belly will contribute to your Six Pack
It’s funny because we all have a six pack. Even if you don’t see it when you look in the mirror- your abs are there, they’re simply covered by a large enough layer of belly fat to prevent them from being seen… So in order to see that six pack you need to a) Get rid of that layer of fat. b) Do exercises which will help develop your abs. Doing sit ups, hanging legs raises, crunches or other exercises for firm abs might be good, but not enough to bring the desired result. What you really need to do is get rid of your belly fat.

Effective Six Pack Workouts That Work
The most effective types of exercises for losing belly fat are Cardio Exercises. Jogging, Speed walking, Cycling (including Spinning of course) and swimming are some of the more popular ones. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on these exercises; 30 minutes every day should be enough to burn belly fat.

If you’re skinny but don’t have firm abs
Different from the above case, in this situation, you will need to start doing exercises which tone the belly muscles. This is exactly the case in which sit ups, crunches, hanging leg raises and other ab exercises will make the difference. For women who don’t want to build arm muscles, crunches and sit ups should be enough.

If you don’t have the toned abs muscle and have a lot of fat to lose
First of all, don’t worry too much. Nothing is impossible, especially losing belly fat and building toned abs. Working on losing fat and getting a smaller belly should be your first priority. It is recommended that you start with cardio exercises as they will help you lose weight while boosting your metabolism. Spend 30 minutes every day doing Cardio exercises ( jogging, bicycling, swimming…) and around 15 minutes for the ab exercises (sit ups, crunches…). 45 minutes a day for a perfect belly isn’t such a high price, is it?

As you can see, understanding your main goal (getting rid of belly fat, strengthening your abs, both?) is vital before you begin the exercises. After you know what you need to do, you also need to do it. I know a lot of people “forget” to commit to their workout routine. Excuses are easy, but if its important enough you should be able to dedicate 45 minutes a day for your workout. Put a reminder on your phone, fridge or notebook. Keep it up and you’ll see results in no time…

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