Benefits of Vegetables

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Benefits of Vegetables- Eating vegetables offers us many health benefits. Being a natural food and containing a variety of vitamins, minerals and countless additional natural chemicals, vegetables provide a great foundation to staying vigorous. Some of the long term benefits vegetables provide include weight control and reducing risks of ailment.

Some Benefits of Vegetables:
Being low in fat and calories, vegetables are a good source of dietary fiber and
provide us with extra energy. This helps regulate weight effectively, because we can eat lots of vegetables without consuming excess energy. Large amounts of fiber help fill our stomach faster, decreasing the total amount of food consumed. The many vitamins and natural chemicals in vegetables supply our body with the necessary nutrients to boost energy production within muscle cells. This causes a natural feeling of liveliness causing us to be more active which ultimately helps us burn more energy. If you’re trying to lose weight fast or get that six pack you have to rely on the benefits that vegetables provide.

Reasons to eat fruits and vegetables daily
Being low in sodium, vegetables also help reduce excess water gain. Today’s abundance of processed foods, leads to over consumption of sodium which is present in virtually all of them. Sodium causes our body to hold water. There are estimations that the average person might contain up to 5 pounds of additional, unnecessary water, due to high intake of sodium.

(Vegetable tip:)
Contrary to popular belief, some recent studies have shown that vegetables might actually provide more health benefits when cooked and mashed, because they are easier for our body to process and absorb this way.

Vegetarians vs. Carnivores
There’s a famous saying “We are what we eat” and it’s true. Our diet directly affects our physical and mental condition. Eating too much meat for example, can expose our skin to become old and coarse. Fact is, research is having difficulty proving whether we should or shouldn’t consume meat. What we do know is that we shouldn’t consume over 500 grams of meat a week, and preferably not red meat. On the other hand vegetarians must make sure they consume enough protein (tofu, lentils…) and complex carbs to make up for the lack of meat.

To sum it all up…
Vegetables are easy to digest and prevent accumulation of uric acid and toxins in our body. This helps make our body healthier, purer, more relaxed and energetic, resulting in a happier more care free life.

So eat those veggies…

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